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The ShareASale Affiliate Program – How Good Is It For Affiliate Marketing?

Founded 15 years ago by Brian Littleton, the ShareASale affiliate program isn’t really a newcomer in the affiliate marketing niche. And there are many reasons why it’s been such a mainstay for online marketers for all these years. However, with the trends in online marketing constantly shifting and with new competitors like MaxBounty, ClickBank, and others popping up every year, it’s worth asking – how good is the ShareASale affiliate program for affiliate marketing right now?

How does the ShareASale affiliate program work?

A part of the Awin Worldwide affiliate marketing network, ShareASale is leading on other programs in the industry in various ways. Currently, there are over 2,500 merchants offering products or services in the network with thousands of affiliates. This is a great boon for affiliates as it means that you’ll have a very easy time finding the right products and services for your blog or website.

The program works with both Pay per Lead and Pay per Sale plans, giving the affiliate and the merchant flexibility in how they choose to work together. This is great for both merchants and affiliates as different products and different marketing approaches can work better or worse with Pay per Lead or Pay per Sale.

What’s more, working with product and service providers feels much easier on ShareASale compared to other platforms and that’s because it is. ShareASale doesn’t force any overly binding contracts on its affiliates and the network of merchants on it is very well vetted. This means that you’re almost always guaranteed to be accepted by the merchant you want to work with and your partnership is almost certain to be successful.

Probably the most important feature or combination of features in ShareASale, however, can be summed up with one word – “simplicity”. The clean and simple interface of the platform, together with the light but secure payment and contract restrictions, the extensive learning tools such as webinars and guides, all combine into a simple and easy-to-work-with platform.

This is great for both newcomers who don’t want to be buried under a pile of complex features as well as for experienced affiliates who know that a platform’s simplicity means you can work faster, easier, and more effectively with it.

Of course, ShareASale has had 15 years to get to where it is now.

Pros and cons of the program

So, how would we break down the pros and cons of ShareASale? Are there even any cons? Let’s take a look.


  • Getting into the ShareASale program is very easy and quick thanks to its clean and user-friendly interface.
  • There are downtime and history reports in the merchants. This gives that extra bit of insight into how the merchant works, when they’re offline, etc.
  • ShareASale also offers real-time reports on how your campaigns are performing, how many unique and non-unique clicks they’ve gathered, and more.
  • You’re not held to any type of contract when using ShareASale. This means that you can leave whenever you want without any penalties.
  • ShareASale has easy to create, modify, and use widgets for affiliates. This makes optimizing your promotions much easier and more effective as you’ll be able to always offer the best products and services to your followers.
  • The acceptance rate for affiliates tends to be much higher with ShareASale than with most other similar websites.
  • The program offers both Pay per Lead and Pay per Sale plans, allowing you to work with your merchant of choice however you prefer.
  • ShareASale has a very low payout threshold of only $50. This is significantly better than other affiliate programs for affiliates of any size and kind. Additionally, the payouts are always on time and there don’t appear to be any significant delays as is quite common with other affiliate marketing programs.
  • With thousands of products and services in the network, you can almost always find something that you genuinely want to promote. This doesn’t just make working with ShareASale more fun but more effective as well as we always do better when we promote things we truly believe in.
  • ShareASale also offers quality training for newcomers – both merchants and affiliate marketers. Merchants are given access to multiple webinars that teach them how to incentivize affiliates, how to grow their programs, and even how to recruit them properly. For the affiliates, there are guides on how to develop their companies as quickly and successfully as possible, and how to use the ShareASale program to its maximum potential.


  • The design of the ShareASale website does seem a bit outdated compared to most other marketing affiliate portals. This is a bit subjective, of course, and it contributes to the site’s simplicity and ease-of-use but it’s worth pointing out.
  • While the platform as a whole is very user-friendly, the affiliate links themselves can be a bit annoying to use with WordPress blogs. That’s because ShareASale often uses characters such as “&” in their affiliate links which can be a nightmare if you tend to often switch between text more and visual mode in WordPress. We all hate those “&nbsp” symbols…

Review summary

Is ShareASale perfect? No, of course not – no affiliate marketing program is. But ShareASale is definitely at the top of the hill when it comes to affiliate marketing platforms. The sheer number and diversity of merchants that work through it, together with how easy the program is to work with and how problem-free the whole process is make ShareASale a definite top choice for affiliate marketing. All in all, ShareASale may be the best platform for you if:

  • You’re just now getting into affiliate marketing and you want a program that’s as easy and as user-friendly as possible.
  • You’re tired of merchants rejecting your blog or website for no reason and you want a network of many and diverse merchants that are easy to work with.
  • You want a platform that offers quick and secure payouts with no wait time, no contract obligations, and a minimum payment threshold that’s as low as possible.

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