Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Learn How To Get Targeted Traffic

pinterest affiliate marketing

Pinterest Affiliate Marketing

Pinterest is being used by bloggers and business owners to generate traffic to enhance their email lists and earn money through affiliate marketing. There is a high potential in Pinterest affiliate marketing. Statistics show that nearly 93 percent of the total users make their plans to buy a certain product while using Pinterest. The main benefits of using Pinterest are:

  • Grow traffic.
  • Grow email list
  • Grow community
  • Make money

In this article, we will discuss the different methods to start Pinterest affiliate marketing. Please read until the end.

Number 1: Add affiliate links to your pins

You can edit and swap the existing pins with current links in an easy and simple method. You can also do it in a manual way by creating new pins and uploading to Pinterest. Then add those pins to your affiliate links.

Do these steps:

  • While designing the pins, insert a picture of the product too.
  • Add a text to explain the specifications of the product and its uniqueness on the top of the image. This makes users curious about your product and they will click on your pin.
  • If the product is not a physical one, create a mockup then by using the sites such as
  • Add appropriate and targeted keywords in description. Keywords will help you in getting higher rankings on the search.
  • You must follow the legal rules by declaring that you are using a link on your pin. This can be done by using the word “Aff” or using “Affiliate” in the image or description.
  • Use automation tools such as BoardBooster to automate the things.

Number 2: Drive the traffic through Pinterest to your blog posts.

It may happen that some of your posts go viral. You can use these posts to generate more traffic. Do the following steps:

  • Select some popular posts (5 to 10).
  • Make new five pins to market each post.
  • Upload the pins to the Pinterest site and linked them to those posts.
  • You can create a campaign with sites such as BoardBooster. This site continuously share your pins and attract more visitors.

Number 3: Affiliate email sequence creation and Pinterest promotion

If done correctly, this method can pay you back the maximum profit. However, it requires more work than the previous ones. You require an automatic email list provided in this method.

Below is the guideline to explain this method.

Step #1

Create an opt-in freebie, which can be a cheat sheet, tutorial, a workbook, or course even.

Step #2

Write 3 to 4 emails for freebie and give more value to the users who download your freebie.

Step #3

Among 3 to 4 emails, the last one should be used for affiliate marketing. Insert the affiliate link in it. Explain the benefits of the product in detail.

Step #4

  • Create at least 5 new pins
  • Upload them to Pinterest
  • Link these pins to the pages.

Step #5 (Optional)

If you desire, create a campaign with to attract more visitors.

You can use either method to do Pinterest affiliate marketing. It depends all on yourself.


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