Passive Profit Funnels Review – Generate 1000’s Of Buyer Leads

Passive Profit Funnels Review

Passive Profit Funnels Review

Passive profit funnels.  There are many types of “Done for you” (DFY) campaigns, systems, and software nowadays. If you’re just now getting into online and affiliate marketing, distinguishing and choosing between them can be quite tricky and confusing. Even if you’re relatively experienced, it’s understandable if you’re having difficulties picking between two seemingly similar systems with just one or two key differences.

Passive Profit Funnels is not just a newcomer to the online affiliate marketing scene, it also makes your choice easier. That’s because it offers some unique new tools to its users including traffic strategy tutorials. Thanks to them and all the other excellent features of Passive Profit Funnels, almost every affiliate marketing rookie or specialist can succeed with minimal efforts.


What is the Passive Profit Funnels Tool?

Passive Profit Funnels is a superb system that rolls everything you’d need from an affiliate marketing software into one. It’s an especially impressive tool for newcomers to the niche as it’s made to be as clean and simple as possible while providing more tutorials, guides, and helpful info than any other tool we’ve seen recently.

More than that, Passive Profit Funnels also has the capacity and features to be incredibly useful to experienced marketers as well thanks to its awesome affiliates and lead magnets, its customization options, and more.


Here are just some of the excellent features you can get with this system:

  • Cloud-based software. This allows you to start making sales almost immediately with no hosting, domains, or even just a long, annoying installation. The set-up process takes no more than 60 seconds after which you can delve right in.
  • The software includes multiple done-for-you funnels that are ready to use right away.
  • The system also has a huge database of gorgeous and effective landing pages and premium lead magnets.
  • The step-by-step training and tutorials are very easy to follow and full of insight, some of which may surprise even the more knowledgeable and experienced users.
  • The cloud-based system also gives you the tools to create your own funnels from scratch.
  • Stunning affiliate offers that offer the potential for huge commissions – many going for $100+ per sale with additional monthly payouts.


Price and upgrade options

The basic plan is available for the awesome early bird price of just $17. However, that figure increases as time passes so you might want to hurry up! What’s more, Passive Profit Funnels also comes with 6 tempting One Time Offers (OTOs) in the $50 to $100 range with one going for almost $200.

passive profit funnels

As with the early bird offer on the basic plan, these OTOs also start at major discounts but won’t stay that way forever. They do offer a lot of extra goodies including:

  • Additional Top Quality leads.
  • Unlimited traffic for you to capitalize on.
  • Big-ticket commissions.
  • Premium lead magnets in your funnels.
  • License rights.
  • And more!

Most experienced marketers will easily recognize the value in these OTOs as well as their excellent early bird pricing. If you are new to affiliate marketing, however, getting even just the basic package will be very much worth it for you – the basic tools are awesome for getting started and the myriad teaching tools, guides, and tutorials alone are a great bargain.

Still, if you’re serious about going into online affiliate marketing, getting the “Done for you”, “Unlimited traffic”, or “30k per Month” One Time Offers is definitely a good decision.

Pros and Cons

Passive Profit Funnels has lots of things going for it so listing all of them can be a bit challenging. Here are the main points to consider, however, as well as a couple of possible cons to keep in mind:


  • The funnels include virtually everything you can think of – lead magnets, thank-you pages, sleek opt-in pages, and the flexibility to add any personal links and info you want.
  • The system includes many free traffic methods and gives you over-the-shoulder training that can get you ready for selling products in any niche.
  • The premium lead magnets come in a very wide range of all popular niches today. This allows for near-unlimited recurring profits from in-demand products in niches such as health, fitness, hobbies, software, pets, relationships, online money-making, and others.
  • The whole process is exceptionally simple. All you need to do is 1) pick one of the many DFY mini-funnels (or make your own with the built-in app tools), 2) use any of the included methods and strategies to jump-start your traffic, and 3) sit back and watch the profits roll in!
  • The launch is also accompanied by an “Early Bird Contest” that starts on 23rd October at 10 am EST and ends on 26th October at 10 am EST. The contest includes monetary prizes going from $25 up to $1,000!
  • There are also two other contests going until the end of October. The “Main Contest” has the same prize pool as the “Early Bird Contest”, going up to $1,000 while the “Everyone’s a Winner!” contest awards an additional $25 for every 10 sales before the end of October, $50 for every 25 sales, $150 for every 50 sales, $400 for every 75 sales, $700 for every 100 sales, and $1,000 for every 125 sales. With these 3 big contests, the Passive Profit Funnels tool doesn’t just give you the opportunity for a significant long-term passive income – it also allows you to end the month of October with a major cash injection!


  • The price of the system increases every 60 minutes to stimulate people to make a purchase. This can be great for you if you check out and get the product now but can be a major drawback if you take too much time.
  • Most of the best perks are part of the upgrade programs which is to be expected with this type of software. Still, not only are the upgrade programs worth it but even the basic plan is excellent if you’re just now dipping your toe into online marketing.


In conclusion – should you get it?

Passive Profile Funnels looks like it’s becoming one of our favorite new affiliate marketing tools. Especially if you’re just now getting into the game, Passive Profile Funnels has everything you’d need to get you up to speed and kickstart your journey to a passive online income. As with any other online marketing tool, it does require an initial investment, of course. However, even just all the tutorials make the initial price worth it for any marketing rookie while the OTO plans turn the whole system from “Cool” into “Great!”

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