How Twitter Works in 2020 Still An Amazing Marketing Tool

How Twitter Works in 2020

How Twitter Works in 2020

In the past, Twitter was following a reverse chronological order for its content in which it shows the newest content first. As we already know, Twitter’s enormous growth, so Twitter has to change its algorithm because of all the new and different content. Although the changing algorithms are good for the users it is a concern for the marketers. All of their efforts to market their content according to past algorithms go in vain. Do not worry; the algorithm of twitter is easy to understand. Our article is on How Twitter Works in 2020 and we discuss it below.

The Twitter algorithm in 2020

People are following thousands of other Twitter accounts. It is impossible to read out every post when you are offline. That is why Twitter changes its algorithm and presents only the posts to the users, which are more relevant to them. Keep it in mind:

  • Twitter is continuously altering its algorithm according to its needs and demands.
  • The algorithmic content and real-time content makes your Twitter timeline.
  • We can turn the Algorithm off if desired.

New Twitter Algorithm

Twitter still largely based on Chronological order but the feeds also depend on the quality and followers connection.

Twitter timeline rankings

Although Twitter does not show its full algorithm, still there is some information on how it ranks the posts:

  • Recent: Fresh posts gain more preference.
  • Engagement: how many clicks, impressions and retweets your post has received.
  • Rich Media: The media included in your posts, such as .gif images.
  • Activity: it depends on the user’s activity on the platform and the number of followers.

Timeline’s Sections

There are three sections in Twitter’s timeline.

  1. Ranked by Algorithm

The first section differs from the chronological order of content. There may be some tweets from the accounts you don’t even follow. These are the accounts, which are being followed by the users you are following.

  1. In Case You Missed It Section

This section contains a few older posts relevant to you and you missed these posts because of some reason.

  1. Reverse-chronological order Tweets

This is the main section where regular posts starts. After the algorithm placed posts, a section of regular posts appeared in reverse chronological order.

How to turn off the Twitter algorithm

Many users prefer chronological order more, so Twitter adds an option to switch between algorithm models and reverse chronological model. So you can do it by your choice.

Improve Visibility on Twitter

You need to do some work to get more visibility. Here are some tips:

  1. Consistency

The most important and the best way to market your brand is to have an active presence on Twitter all the time. There are people who are just logged in for some time only, so you must be online throughout the day to ensure that your post has reached every user.

  1. Post at the best times

You must know which time is best to post.

  1. Content Quality

If your posts have poor quality, then you can lose followers. So, always make sure that your posts are of good quality and on a specific topic.

  1. Engage the Followers

Engage your followers with good posts, by asking questions or by asking suggestions.

  1. Respond as soon as possible

You must respond to the queries or suggestions from your followers.

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