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A Get Shuffler review – should you get it?

If you’ve been looking into online marketing recently you’ve likely heard about Shuffler, Brian Winters’ new online marketing app. In fact, even if you haven’t, chances are that you’ve seen it advertised – it’s coming out this September 27, at 9 a.m., and it’s got lots of people very excited.

So, should you be excited about it? Brian Winters’ products are always amazing to use and this new patent-pending app does look almost too good to be true as well. So, let’s delve a bit into it.

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What is the Shuffler app?

At first glance, the Shuffler app looks like just another online marketing app to help you with your sales funnels. If you look a bit deeper into it, however, you’ll discover a wealth of innovative tools no other app offers. The Shuffler app is patent-pending and Brian Winters is sharing with you now at a fraction of the price it’s actually worth. Here’s what you can get with the Shuffler app.


Shuffler’s features can be daunting to list, especially once you start exploring their 5 upgrade packages. The  two big selling points of the app, however, are these:

1. Access to over 52 billion unique and viral funnels

The number of 52 billion does sound outlandish but that’s the beauty of the Shuffler app – all these funnels are fully developed and you can shuffle between them as much as you want.

2. Unlimited autopilot email leads guaranteed on a daily basis with no additional payments needed

How many marketing apps offer guaranteed and unlimited autopilot leads to their users? Shuffler stands alone in this regard as it supplies unique leads every day for no extra pay.

Even just these two features alone make the Shuffler app stand out but it offers even more:

Free automatic hosting.
The freedom to shuffle and choose from near-countless different products to promote.
Slick and clean design.
No extra work or customization of the funnels needed.
Traffic on autopilot.
100% buyback guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the app within the first 30 days.
In-app dollar credits if you’re facing any difficulties getting off the ground.

Price and upgrade options

The Get Shuffler’s price changes with time – every 60 minutes it gets bumped up a little as an incentive to early bird users. However, even if you drag your legs a bit it’s still going to be very affordable as is evident from the very well-priced upgrade packages:

1. The Daily Traffick Shuffle Machine. The first One Time Offer (OTO) upgrade costs just $97 with a $67 downsell. This package even larger autopilot traffic. It works thanks to its backend system being designed to reshuffle a portion of the user-generated traffic evenly among the app’s other users.
2. Shuffler’s Viral Funnel Pro. The OTO number 2 costs $67 with a $37 downsell and it allows the user to “shuffle and choose” up to 20 viral funnels themselves. This package also unlocks unlimited funnel access to the user.
3. Shuffler’s 7-Figure Niche Activator. With a price of $97 and a downsell of $67, this OTO offers additional 20+ billion funnels specifically in the self-help, health, and fitness niches. It’s ideal for internet marketing and “make money online” funnels.
4. Shuffler’s 5X Passive Cash Plugin. Also with a price of $97 and a downsell of $67, OTO #4 includes five additional 6-figure affiliate offers. The app will also automatically rotate the users’ affiliate links for these offers among them, generating even more traffic and commissions.
5. Shuffler’s $1,000 Commissions Robot. The last and biggest OTO costs $197 and has a $97 downsell. It unlocks backend commissions of up to $1,000 apiece. It also offers a built-in auto-webinar.
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Pros and Cons:

As you can see, the Shuffler app offers quite a lot of benefits. Does it have any drawbacks, however? Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons as we see them:


The sheer number of unique funnels offered by Get Shuffler is so large it’s hard to wrap your head around it – 52 billionviral funnels.
Get Shuffler is one of the very few – if not the only one – online marketing app to offer direct autopilot leads on a daily basis.
The app saves you time both with its 30-second setup and its user-friendly design and working process. As with other such apps, one of the biggest hidden pros of Shuffler is all the time it saves you.
It’s perfect for beginners. An experienced online marketer can make wonders with this app too but it’s rare to see such a beginner-friendly app that’s also as effective as the Shuffler.
Very affordable! This is especially the case at the moment as the app rises in price to award the early birds. However, if you jump in quickly you’ll definitely get an amazing deal. And what’s best is that it’s a one-time price. You’ll continue getting leads daily with no requirement of additional payments.


You have to use the system as it is. Meaning, you can’t edit it, you can’t customize the funnels, and you can’t add your own offers. So, if you like more flexible apps, this may not be your top pick. That being said, its strengths lie elsewhere.
Most of the really tempting goodies are reserved for the upgrade problems as is usually the case with these products. However, 1) Even *** is very much worth it, given the value it offers, and 2) the basic plan and first few upgrades also offer amazing results if you’re just getting into online marketing.

In conclusion – should you get it?

Get Shuffler offers amazing benefits to both online marketing rookies and veterans alike. Its design may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it makes up for that with sheer brute effectiveness. If you’re not certain or you’re new to this type of marketing, the base product is exceptionally affordable. That’s even more so if you jump in quickly for the early bird discounts which we’d also recommend.

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