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1 hr workday review

1HR Workday Review – Is It Really Worth It?

The “1hr Workday” course and software from the famous digital marketer Mosh Bari have become quite viral since their launch on the 5th of September. With pretty much everyone talking about it and a ton of auto-generated spinner “reviews” already on the front page of Google, we thought we’d give it a try too. And, having done that, here’s our honest and complete review of both the 1hr Workday app and the course that comes with it.

What are the 1hr Workday program and app?

The 1hr Workday app is an online cloud-based software designed for beginners that want to get into digital marketing. The software makes the bold promise that it can help you earn $5,000 a month with just 1 hour of work per day (and more if you invest more time) but it does offer a lot of tools to back up that promise.

What’s more, the 1hr Workday app also comes with a crash course on how exactly to speed up your workday and make it as effective as possible. The course is both quick and comprehensive as it’s made with the help of many of the most successful online entrepreneurs Mosh Bari has worked with.

The course is designed to help you focus on the few specific tasks in your work that yield the best possible results and completing them both effectively and efficiently.

Granted, the 1hr Workday app and the course can sound a bit “too good to be true” which is why a lot of people are looking a bit suspiciously at them. And while there are a couple of key things we’ll note in the “Pros and Cons” section below, the 1hr Workday app and course do offer a lot to their users:

Inside the “1 Hr Work Day

  • The course alone is a treasure trove of information regarding online marketing. Coming at the price of a book and offering just as much information, this is a great way to gather all the online marketing know-how you’ll need.
  • The app is mostly marketed toward beginners because it’s excellent for them but it does offer myriad features that even more advanced and expert digital marketers can appreciate. The content building tool is excellent for generating unique content off of video transcripts, the campaign manager has many features and templates that any marketing campaign can use, and sales automation is so complete it requires almost no manual work.
  • The basic plan for the course and the app are very much worth its low price but Mosh Bari also offers several upgrade plans.
  • The first upgrade grants access to the TasKiller software which replaces the standard 1hr Workday app. Also a cloud-based software, TasKiller automates the task managing process and makes even larger-scale multi-person projects much quicker to complete.
  • The second upgrade offers the TasKiller Unlimited version of the TasKiller software. The few limits the basic version has are lifted here for an even better experience.
  • The third upgrade gives the user access to the 1hr Workday agency license, giving the customer the ability to sell their service and accounts.
  • The fourth and most preferred so far upgrade gives the customer the approval to promote 1hr Workday with a 100% commission on the front end.
  • The fifth upgrade presents the Gold Miners Club. This gives members of the club access to Mosh Bari’s new products every month and a full-funnel with 100% commission.
  • The sixth and last upgrade gives White Label rights to the TasKiller software. “White Label” means that the branding and logo are removed from TasKiller and the customer can brand the software however they like.

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Pros and Cons of 1hr workday

So, what are the most important benefits and most crucial negatives of 1hr Workday?


  • The 1hr Workday detailed step-by-step course is an excellent tool for any online marketing novice for optimizing their work process.
  • The app gives you access to a digital ton of information about online marketing, all in one place.
  • More than just a library, the app offers a lot of useful features, many of which are quite unique. From near-instant content building tools to a well-designed campaign manager, sales funnel automation, email marketing, and other tools.
  • All those app features come with a very clean, light, and user-friendly interface that’s welcoming for newcomers and comfortable for more advanced online marketers.
  • All this comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee as any good product should.


  • While advertised as giving “you viral, money-making, and unique content in 45 Seconds to 3 Minutes”, the app does come with a few caveats. The app is genuinely amazing at taking closed captions from Youtube and turning them into a well-formatted and almost ready to upload text content. However, that’s only the case if the video you’re using has properly uploaded closed captions. If the subs themselves are auto-generated then the content you’ll get won’t be exactly “high-quality.”
    Additionally, you’d still do well to edit that content at least slightly both to avoid copyright infringement from the video’s uploader and to make sure that the text is suitable for a written blog and not a vlog.
    At the end of the day, it’s still a wonderful tool that will speed up your content generation tremendously.
  • The “1 hour a day” promise in the program’s name is obviously a rounded number. For most people, especially those working in affiliate marketing, it will be most accurate. Depending on your niche, however, it may be a bit more or less. That’s normal, of course, and the general promise of the program remains true – it’s an excellent teaching tool for how to streamline your workday and fit all your essential tasks in as short of a timeframe as possible.

1hr Workday program and app review summary

At the end of the day, we’d definitely recommend giving 1hr Workday ago. Especially at those prices, the program and app will give you everything you need to make up the investment and improve your online business quickly and effectively.

And, if you’re not satisfied, the program comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee. That alone both makes the purchase that much safer and is a guarantee of quality.

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